When you’re getting ready for the seasonal shopping cycles, you’re going to need a quick and cost effective solution for finding wholesale seasonal stocks of garments and apparel for your retail business.

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Yabelo offers you that one-stop solution. We offer you wholesale stock lots of seasonal clothing, shoes and apparel so you can prepare your stocks accordingly.
At Yabelo you will find a variety of wholesale fashion merchandise which we also sell according to seasonal needs. We are the leading wholesale clothing suppliers who understand the requirements of a fashion merchandise retailer. Whether you have a retail clothing shop, an online fashion store, chain stores, or eBay/Amazon seller business, you can order seasonal designer products through our seasonal stock lots.
Back to school season means that kids around the world will be buying kids’ backpacks, ranging from colorful movie-themed backpacks for younger children to elegant and sophisticated students’ backpacks for older children. In the winter season, warm and thick wholesale fashion clothing is more in demand along with items like boots, scarves, coats, jackets, and other seasonal clothing. We make things easy for you by sorting these seasonal clearance items so you can purchase them in time to fill your stocks with the most in-demand merchandise.
All wholesale clearance stock for sale at Yabelo is purchased directly from European designers, distributors, and retail stores. We purchase end of season stock, closing down liquidation stock, excess overstock and wholesale clearance stock from European markets.
All our seasonal wholesale clearance stock for sale is brand new and unused, still in its original packaging. We provide secure and reliable delivery of your ordered seasonal stock in time for you to stock your shelves for the new cycle of the shopping season.


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