Sport Shoes

Sport Products Stock Lots

At Yabelo, we offer you Sport Products Stock Lots of brand new, Sport footwear for men, women and children. All wholesale fashion footwear is made available in European and American sizes. We provide mixed lots of shoes to add to the footwear stock at your retail fashion business.
All stock lots wholesale sport shoes at Yabelo are from well-known European brands, purchased directly from the original manufacturers, distributers and retailers. We ensure that every item in our wholesale stock lot for sale is without any manufacturing fault or defect of any kind. The Yabelo wholesale footwear stock is brought to you from end of line wholesale, liquidation stock, excess overstock, closeout shoes stock and clearance stock lots in European markets.

Retailers from around the world can place orders for our wholesale clearance stock lots after browsing the dedicated manifest under each offer. We guarantee 98% manifest accuracy and pay the difference if you can find a discrepancy of more than 2% in our reliable manifest.


Yabelo is an established exporter of wholesale stock lot sport shoes to all locations worldwide at the fastest shipping speed and affordable shipping rates. All wholesale footwear stock is purchased directly from the original brands or from European retail chain stores and it is all from recent years’ collections.
All your orders will be prioritized to ensure your 100% satisfaction. Try Yabelo once and we are sure to become your exclusive suppliers of wholesale fashion merchandise!